BRAND sense: Corporate branding and Sensory perception

Corporate branding that thinks outside the box is bread and butter for Martin Lindstrom and he has now turned the entire concept on its head with BRAND sense.

We experience our world through our five senses: Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Martin demonstrates how to go beyond the world of sight and sound and traverse the entire scope of our sensory perception.

About 75% of our emotional connections are based on our sense of smell:

How do you feel when you wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee?

Would a new car be as exciting without that 'new car' smell? Would you be very disappointed if we told you that the 'new car' smell is artificial?

Can a snippet of a song coming from a passing car instantly send you back ten years to high school?

Rethinking brand building

Martin explains that 'a brand is more than a word. It is the beginning of a lifetime dialogue.' In changing times and with the rise of the Internet as a powerful marketing tool, corporations - large or small - need to rethink their corporate branding strategy and adapt in order to stay competitive.

BRAND sense is a revolution in brand building that demonstrates exactly how that can be accomplished. A team of 600 people at Millward Brown (the seventh-largest research institute in the world) conducted research in 13 countries on branding and sensory awareness that produced some surprising results. BRAND sense was the corporate branding strategy that resulted from this research.

Achieving results

Business is business and, in the end, results are what counts. For over 20 years Martin Lindstrom has been a world renowned advertising guru. BRAND sense is endorsed by Fortune 100 companies across the world and Martin has advised companies such as MdDonald's, Pepsi, American Express, Mercedes Benz, VISA, LEGO, Gillette, Disney and Mars.

Starting in March 2005 Martin will be visiting 51 cities across 29 countries to demonstrate how BRAND sense works. If you can't make it to a conference you can order Martin's new book 'BRAND sense' and start shaping your corporate image.
If you want to go from 'good' to 'great', if you want to stay competitive, then there is simply nothing better that you can do for your corporate image than implementing the BRAND sense strategies.

Corporate branding resources

Did you know that currently 83% of all commercial communication appeals only to one sense – our eyes. That leaves a paltry 17% to cater for the other four senses. This is extraordinary given that 75% of our day-to-day emotions are influenced by what we smell, and the fact that there’s a 65% chance of a mood change when exposed to a positive sound. This is a long way of saying that the importance of our senses has been completely overlooked in the brand-building business... until now.

Based on branding guru Martin Lindstrom’s revolutionary theories outlined in his bestselling book BRAND sense (Simon& Schuster New York/Kogan Page London) – BRAND sense agency opened its doors in 2006 and working with the extraordinary research findings that emerged from the global sensory research conducted by Millward Brown, have gone on to deliver ground breaking sensory branding in the world of global brand building ever since – with stunning results.

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BRAND sense is fierce, provocative and maybe even shocking. Whatever you wish to call it, anyone who wants a competitive edge can't afford to neglect it. It's guaranteed to optimise the value of any marketer's budget in the most visionary way.

BRAND sense agency is the world’s leading Sensory Branding agency. We specialise in taking clients from their conventional 2D branding to 5D branding, which truly connects with consumers across our five senses.

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